Professor John Mackay

Research interests

Genetics and molecular biology of forest trees


Research in my group focuses on the adaptability of trees and forests, as relevant for sustainable use of forest lands. We use the tools of genetics and genomics to address these questions. The major themes are:

Genetic basis of adaptation: Role of gene expression variation in the adaptability of forest trees. Genes and genes networks that underpin responses to stress as well as growth and development

Forest health: Insect resistance in conifer trees.

Genetic basis of wood formation and properties: Regulation of gene expression in wood formation. Quantitative and association genetics of wood structure

Evolution of conifer genomes:  Genes and gene families. Copy number variation

Development of DNA-based tools for tree breeding: Insect resistance bio-markers in conifers. Genomic selection for wood and growth traits in spruce trees


For further information, see:

  1. SmarTForests Project
  2. ProCoGen Project

Contact details

+44 (0) 1865 275088

Sitka Spruced website


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