Dr Tom Hughes

Research interests

The development of Kranz anatomy in maize.

Group leader: Professor Jane Langdale.


I am interested in the transcriptional regulation that underpins the development of Kranz anatomy. In order to validate roles for a number of candidate Kranz regulators, I am analysing maize mutants, Setaria viridis RNAi lines and rice overexpression lines


Covshoff, S., Szecowka, M., Hughes, T.E, Smith-Unna, R., Kelly, S., Bailey, K.J., Sage, T.L., Pachebat, J.A., Leegood, R., Hibberd, J.M. (2015) C4 photosynthesis in the rice paddy: insights from the noxious weed Echinochloa glabrescens. Plant Physiology, doi: 10.1104/pp.15.00889.

Hughes, T.E., Langdale, J.A., & Kelly, S. (2014). The impact of widespread regulatory neofunctionalisation on homeolog gene evolution following whole genome duplication in maize. Genome Research 24, 1348-1355.

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