Dr Sandy Hetherington

Research interests

The evolution of rooting systems.

Group leader: Professor Liam Dolan


Nishiyama T, Sakayama H, de Vries J, Buschmann H, Saint-Marcoux D, Ullrich KK, Haas FB, Vanderstraeten L, Becker D, Lang D et al. 2018. The Chara genome: secondary complexity and implications for plant terrestrialization. Cell. 174: 448-464

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Catarino B*, Hetherington AJ*, Emms DM, Kelly S, Dolan L. 2016. The stepwise increase in the number of transcription factor families in the Precambrian predated the diversification of plants on land. Molecular Biology and Evolution. 33: 2815–2819.

*Joint first authors

Hetherington AJ, Dubrovsky JG, Dolan L. 2016. Unique cellular organization in the oldest root meristem. Current Biology 26: 1629–1633.

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