Dr Christopher J Kettle

Research interests

Science Domain Leader at Bioversity International, Italy

I am an ecologist and geneticist specialising in tropical forest trees, their reproductive ecology and the importance of forest genetic resources for resilient landscapes. Science August 2017 I lead Bioversity International’s cross-cutting research team working on Conservation and Sustainable use of socio–economically and ecologically important trees and their genetic diversity. I hold a joint appointment as Group Leader in Applied Molecular Ecology, in the Dept of Environmental System Science, ETH Zurich, Switzerland. I lead research programs across S E Asia, Latin America and Africa and the Safeguarding FGR Cluster of CGIAR’s Research Program on Forests, Trees and Agroforestry. 

Prior to joining Bioversity International I was a Senior lecturer at the ETH Zurich, (2007 –Present), I Supervised 10 Phd students mostly on tropical fores genetics. I taught Tropical Rainforest Ecology and led an MSc on Resilience of Ecological Systems. Prior to that I was a NERC Postdoc at the University of Aberdeen, UK.

Publication highlights 

SA Ismail, J Ghazoul, G Ravikanth, CG Kushalappa, R Uma Shaanker, and CJ Kettle. 2017 Evaluating realized seed dispersal across fragmented tropical landscapes: a two‐fold approach using parentage analysis and the neighbourhood model. New Phytologist 214 (3), 1307-1316

SA Ismail, J Ghazoul, G Ravikanth, R Uma Shaanker, CG Kushalappa, and CJ Kettle. 2016 Does long‐distance pollen dispersal preclude inbreeding in tropical trees? Fragmentation genetics of Dysoxylum malabaricum in an agro‐forest landscape. Molecular ecology 21 (22), 5484-5496

C Tito de Morais, J Ghazoul, CR Maycock, R Bagchi, D Burslem, E Khoo, and CJ Kettle 2015. Understanding local patterns of genetic diversity in dipterocarps using a multi-site, multi-species approach: implications for forest management and restoration. Forest Ecology and Management 356, 153-165

CJ Kettle. (2012) Ecological considerations for using dipterocarps for restoration of lowland rainforest in Southeast Asia Biodiversity and Conservation 19 (4), 1137-1151

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