Zoë Goodwin

Graduate Student (D.Phil.)
Zoe Goodwin

Group leaders

Dr Robert Scotland.

2nd Supervisor: Dr David Harris, RBGE.

Research Areas

Biodiversity & Plant Systematics

Research Description

During my PhD I am investigating the process of monography and species discovery in angiosperms, particularly in large species-rich tropical groups.


Goodwin, Zoë A. et al. Widespread mistaken identity in tropical plant collections. Current Biology, Volume 25 , Issue 22 , R1066 - R1067 

Goodwin, Z.A., Harris, D.J., Bridgewater, S.G.M., Lopez, G.N., Haston, E.M., Cameron, I.D., Michelakis, D., Ratter, J.A., Furley, P.A., Kay, E., et al. (2013). A checklist of the vascular plants of the lowland savannas and associated wetlands of Belize, Central America. Phytotaxa 101, 1–119.

Hicks, J., Goodwin, Z.A., Bridgewater, S.G.M., Harris, D.J., and Furley, P.A. (2011). A Floristic Description of the San Pastor Savanna Belize, Central America. Edinb. J. Bot. 68, 273–296.