Independent Research Fellowships

Interested to apply for Independent Research Fellowships? Please send details by 13/03/2020.


The Department can support the best early career researchers to apply for an independent research fellowship, such as:

  • BBSRC Discovery Fellowship
  • BBSRC David Phillips Fellowship
  • Royal Society University Research Fellowship
  • NERC Fellowship
  • ERC Starting Grants.

The Department applies an annual deadline for the receipt of information from potential candidates for these fellowships. Interest is welcome from early career researchers in all areas of plant biology, including those at interdisciplinary boundaries with the physical or medical sciences who may draw on the outstanding breadth of Oxford’s research environment. 

To express your interest, please email the following three documents to

(i) an up-to-date CV, (ii) a two-page research proposal, and (iii) a completed IRF cover sheet 

Please submit all of these documents by Friday 13 March, 2020.

Please note that if you would like to apply for any of the fellowships listed above, you must engage with this process (which enables the Department’s Research Committee to review documents in a gathered field). However, candidates for more junior fellowship schemes (1851, Marie Curie, HFSP, EMBO and Royal Society Newton International Fellowships) do not need to engage with this process.

Glasstone Fellowships

In addition to the above, researchers may apply for a Glasstone Research Fellowship. The Glasstone Research Fellowships are supported by the Glasstone Bequest. The Violette and Samuel Glasstone Research Fellowships in Science are tenable at the University of Oxford, in the fields of Chemistry (Inorganic, Organic or Physical), Engineering, Mathematics (including Computer Science and Statistics), Materials, Physics, and Plant Sciences.  An advertisement will be placed on the University of Oxford website, generally in late September, with applications due in October.