UNIQ Summer School in Biological Sciences - 2017 highlights

"Now I am certain that I want to study biology and I am very likely to apply to Oxford." - UNIQ student

UNIQ is the only official Oxford summer school and aims to offer students a realistic view of life as an Oxford University student.

We worked together with members of both Zoology and Plants to curate a programme that gives the students a taste of what it is like to study here at Oxford, equipping them with tools to be successful in the application and interview process.

We hosted 20 students interested in studying biology and throughout the week they participated in various lectures, labs, tutorials, and activities related to the Biological Sciences undergraduate program. The students spent time at Wytham Woods, here at Plant Sciences, and at the Botanic Garden, as well as in colleges for various social functions.  

3960 total applications were made to UNIQ in 2017, and of the 875 that were selected to attend the summer school 95% meet one or both conditions of being from a disadvantaged socio-economic background (ACORN postcodes 4 and 5) and/or from a neighbourhood with low participation in higher education (POLAR3 postcodes 1 and 2). This compares to 93% of selected applicants from 2016.




“[UNIQ] has vastly expanded my knowledge and interest in both Biology and Oxford.” - UNIQ student


“Oxford seems more approachable than before.” - UNIQ student


For more photos from the week click here


A huge thank you to everyone who helped make UNIQ a success this year! 


Labs / Practicals at Plant Sciences

Professor Gail Preston

Dr Reka Toth 

Dr Charlotte Kirchhelle

Nattapong Sanguankiattichai

Emily Seward

Friederike Grosse-Holz

Joshua Roworth

Pablo Munoz Rodriguez 

Heather Dunn

Liam Elliott


Wytham Woods

Professor Ben Sheldon 

Dr Ella Cole

Dr Keith McMahon

Dr Antone Martinho

Professor Graham Taylor

Marc Brouard 

Kristiina Visakorpi


Oxford Botanic Garden

Dr Stephen Harris



Dr Lindsay Turnbull

Dr Jonathan Green

Lottie Chapman 

Louise Hill

Tom Hughes 


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