Just the tonic! Botanic Garden launches historic Physic Gin

Over the past month we have all been excited to see the launch of Oxford Botanic Garden’s 'Physic Gin'. Created by a unique blend and produced at the Oxford Artisan Distillery (TOAD), Physic Gin is the product of 24 botanicals, most harvested from the Garden itself and inspired by the plants that grew there nearly four centuries ago.

TOAD have a unique relationship with the Botanic Garden and are the only distiller in the world to be granted access to Jacob Bobart the Elder’s antique garden catalogue, dating back to 1648. It was this manuscript that provided inspiration for the gin’s recipe. The ancient grains have been farmed sustainably in the countryside nearby using methods that were common practice back in medieval times. This, combined with the unique hand-crafted copper stills, and intricate Anglo-Saxon-inspired label designed by artist-in-residence Dr Robin Wilson, give the gin a delightful ‘grain-to-glass’ provenance.

Director of Oxford Botanic Garden, Professor Simon Hiscock, explains “I was so impressed by the integrity and passion behind TOAD; it makes perfect sense for Oxford Botanic Garden to align itself with Oxford’s first craft distillery. I’m looking forward to making spirits inspired by our historical collections and having some botanical fun along the way.”

Physic Gin can be purchased directly from TOAD, and from Easter it can be found at the Oxford Botanic Garden shop.

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