Professor Liam Dolan

Sherardian Professor of Botany, Head of Department

Tel +44 (0) 1865 275147
Fax +44 (0) 1865 275047

Research Area

Cellular development and evolution in land plants

Research Description

The general aim of our research is to understand general principles of cell development and evolution using specialized rooting cells such as rhizoids and root hairs as models. The main activities in the lab fall into five overlapping areas.

Developmental genetics of the Arabidopsis root epidermis

The Arabidopsis root epidermis comprises a patterned array of hair and non hair cells. We use a combination of computational and genetic approaches to investigate how epidermal pattern develops in the embryo and seedling meristems. We discovered that once pattern is established, the RSL group of basic helix loop helix transcription factors positively regulates the differentiation of root hairs. Class 1 RSL proteins control early stages of development such as root hair initiation while Class 2 RSL proteins control later stages when the root hair grows out into the soil.

Stem cell regulation in Arabidopsis roots

The tissues of the root are derived from a population of stem cells at the tip of the root. The transcriptional regulator SCZ controls the early development of groups of stem cells in the embryo and their subsequent activity in seedlings. We are defining the mechanism by which SCZ controls tissue formation through its activity in stem cells.

Genetic basis of rooting system evolution

The first land plants had filamentous rooting systems as exemplified by extant liverworts and mosses. The RSL family of basic loop helix transcription factors controls the development of these rooting systems as well as the formation of root hairs in derived groups of land plants such as the seed plants. We are currently using a combination of genetic and computational methods to define how the RSL networks have diverged over the last 443 million years since bryophtyes and seed plants last shared a common ancestor.

Enhancement of nutrient uptake in crops

Root hairs are important for the uptake of phosphate from the soil especially in heavily weathered and acidic soils. Using knowledge gained from model systems, we are investigating the regulation of root hair initiation and growth in rice, wheat and brassica crops. The long-term aim is to provide germplasm to breeders who can then develop crops with enhanced nutrient uptake capability. It is anticipated that such cultivars would require less phosphate application in fertilizers. Consequently their cultivation could contribute to the reduction in the amounts of phosphate fertilizer that are applied to fields and that runoff into water systems as pollutants.


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Full Publication List (while at this department)

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