Dr Kyoko Morimoto

Post-doctoral Researcher

Group leader

Professor Renier Van der Hoorn.

Research area

Chemical Proteomics, Plant Physiology.

Research Description

Activities of extracellular (apoplastic) proteases and other enzymes during plant-microbe interactions change upon infection with pathogens, partly because the host releases an immune response that includes the oxidative burst and alkalinisation of the apoplast. 

To map the effect of these events on the activities of proteases and other secreted proteins, I am applying activity-based protein profiling (ABPP) to detect protein activities that change upon the oxidative burst. In addition, I am establishing hyper-reactive cysteine profiling (HRCP) to identify cysteine residues in proteins that sense the oxidative burst. Both ABPP and HRCP are based on the use of chemical probes that react covalently and irreversibly with proteins, facilitating the detection and identification of the labeled proteins and labeling sites. I further focus on proteins in the apoplast of Nicotiana benthamiana infected with Pseudomonas syringae that both change in activity (by ABPP) and have differential hyper-reactive Cys residues (by HRCP).



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