Kyle C Grant

Graduate Student (D.Phil.)
Kyle Grant

DPhil Student reading Synthetic Biology.

Group Leader

Professor Philip Poole.

Research Area

The design and development of synthetic symbioses in cereal crops such as rice, wheat and maize. 

Research Description

I am working on the development of genetic circuitry which will enable nitrogen fixing bacteria including Azorhizobium caulinodans to significantly promote crop productivity. In collaboration with MIT I aim to use novel synthetic biological techniques and parts to construct a rhizosphere specific switch to cause crop endophytes to support plant nutrient production under specific conditions.


Grant K. C, Khodadad C. L. M and Foster. J. Role of Hfq in an animal–microbe symbiosis under simulated microgravity conditions. 2014. International Journal of Astrobiology. 13:01.