Dr Christopher J Kettle

Associate Member
Chris Kettle

Research Description

Science Domain Leader at Bioversity International, Italy

I am an ecologist and geneticist specialising in tropical forest trees, their reproductive ecology and the importance of forest genetic resources for resilient landscapes. Science August 2017 I lead Bioversity International’s cross-cutting research team working on Conservation and Sustainable use of socio–economically and ecologically important trees and their genetic diversity. I hold a joint appointment as Group Leader in Applied Molecular Ecology, in the Dept of Environmental System Science, ETH Zurich, Switzerland. I lead research programs across S E Asia, Latin America and Africa and the Safeguarding FGR Cluster of CGIAR’s Research Program on Forests, Trees and Agroforestry. 

Prior to joining Bioversity International I was a Senior lecturer at the ETH Zurich, (2007 –Present), I Supervised 10 Phd students mostly on tropical fores genetics. I taught Tropical Rainforest Ecology and led an MSc on Resilience of Ecological Systems. Prior to that I was a NERC Postdoc at the University of Aberdeen, UK.

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