Week 9 Research Seminar - Dr Richard Williams

8 December


Large Lecture Theatre

Dr Richard Williams, Patent attorney, HGF

Intellectual Property: Friend of Foe for Your Research? 

“Richard studied Plant Science at Oxford and then did a PhD research at Aberystwyth, followed by post-doctoral research with European funding at the-then government run East Malling Research Station. During the biotech boom years of the mid-1990s to early 2000s, Richard was part of the niche life sciences practice and worked with a range of mainly US-based companies and inventors focussing on, e.g., recombinant protein expression systems, transgenic animals, gene chip manufacture, gene sequencing methods and PCR based diagnostics. More recently, Richard has worked on technologies such as genetic testing, biomarkers and oncology diagnostics, artificial meat, algae and biofuel production, insect repellents, Crispr technology, plants and biodegradable materials. Richard is one of very few patent attorneys working in the life sciences area with a plant science academic and a research background.”

A full biography for Richard Williams can be seen on the HGF web site (http://www.hgf.com/about-us/our-people/dr-richard-williams/)

Following the seminar Richard Williams (Patent attorney, HGF), Ben Tolley (Patent attorney, HGF), Sally Sheard (Consulting Services, Oxford University Innovation) and Richard Auburn (Technology Transfer, Oxford University Innovation) will be in the common room from 2 pm to answer any questions that you may have. They can also introduce OUI and discuss new ideas, inventions, etc.