Seminar: Professor Cyril Zipfel, TSL

26 October


Large Lecture Theatre

Professor Cyril Zipfel, TSL 

"Regulation of receptor kinase-mediated immune signaling"

Cell surface receptor kinases are essential to perceive extracellular stimuli and to modulate cellular outputs during growth and development, as well as in response to environmental challenges. In plants, several pattern recognition receptors (PRRs) involved in ‘non-self’ innate immune perception are receptor kinases, often found as part of heteromeric kinase complexes. Appropriate immune signaling initiation, timing and amplitude must be carefully regulated to avoid excessive or unspecific activation of immune responses, which can lead to autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. The mechanisms and pathways that negatively regulate innate immunity in mammals have been extensively characterised. However, much less is known in plants, where a fine balance between immunity and growth is important for their optimal fitness. I will present recent work illustrating how PRR-mediated innate immune signaling is tightly regulated by dynamic post-translational modifications and by endogenous peptides.