Thursday Research Seminar - Professor Achim Dobermann, Rothamsted

21 January


Large Lecture Theatre





Professor Achim Dobermann, Rothamsted

‘The Future Directions for Rothamsted’





Where are we going? What are we doing? How will we get there? The strengths of Rothamsted Research can be found in its potential to conduct high-quality science in a multi-disciplinary setting, with a strategic focus on innovations for future farming in the UK and internationally. The Institute is evolving, and is developing a future vision and Science Strategy for 2017 to 2022. To do this, Rothamsted will look for broad stakeholder input to ensure that priorities address needs which allow us to generate an innovative and exciting research programme. We are ambitious and ready to help solve some of the 21st centuries biggest issues, but we cannot do this in isolation and look forward to discussing ways of working together.